My Poor Yogurt

I killed my yogurt. I got it too hot. I saw many sites on the 'net that say to use a heating pad set to warm. Mine was set to low and it was still too hot. When I checked the temp it was 115. 12 hours later and the yogurt had barely set. It didn't taste sour at all.

The thing is, the cream was at 85 degrees. It didn't get sour either. I've heard that ultra-pasteurized cream doesn't ferment well, and this might be the problem.

I also checked the brand of yogurt I used to make sure I didn't misread the label. It has live active cultures alright. It even says that it can be used as a starter for home yogurt making. I'm going to try again tomorrow night. This time no heating pad. Hopefully things will be a little more favorable for the buggies.

This was such a bust. I spent extra $$$ on the good milk too.

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  1. I'd bet you anything it was the cream, rather than the starter. It's so unfortunate but with that UHT stuff, there's nothing for the goodies to feed on! I started using a yogurt maker and I love it - definitely worth the $. You could also try a room temperature yogurt.

  2. Yes, I'm going to try again. Probably tonight If I can ever get off my lazy butt and go to the bank to cash a few checks I have laying around.

    I'm not going to use organic milk this time. The milk is so much better, but I can't afford to waste another five bucks on a failure. I'm also not going to repasteurize my milk this time. I'm just going to put the milk in the pitcher with the starter and set it in the corner of my kid sister's room. Hers is the warmest room here at my father's place.