Swine Flu Farms

Well, I had a request for pictures of the pig farms I was talking about in my last post. So here are some.

Here's a multi level cage packed with pigs.This pigs appear to still have their tales. I beleive they may be a British factory farm. I don't know.

This is supposedly a pic of a Mexican factory farm similar to the one where the swim flu outbreak started. Notice the nipped tails.

This one is kinda cute and depressing at the same time. Notice how extremely cramped these piglets are? If you were in a barn with a thousand other people,all standing pressed up against each other, don't you think it would be easy for diseases to spread, and mutate, and spread some more? Its the same way with pigs, and the reason I would never ride a Tokyo subway without an N95 face mask.

Here we see a worker at a Chinese factory farm hosing down pigs with antiseptic in an effort to control the swine flu. While these sows have some breathing room, they still can't get away from the disease, and are all breathing the same air.

Pregnant pigs, possibly in south Carolina. Does this look safe to you? These sows are lying there pregnant, covered in their own shit. How could disease NOT be spread?

And do you notice the slatted floor in almost all these pictures? The swine have no place to take a shit, so they just dump and piss on the floor, and once a day, water is flushed over the floor to wash it all down the slats. At the factory farm in Mexico, where this whole swine flu thing started, this feces/water slurry was pump into "fecal lagoons." Ah the art of spin. It almost sounds peaceful. "Ahhh. I'm tired darling. It's been such a rough day. Let us go relax by the lagoon and forget all our troubles." WRONG. Its a giant pond of pig shit, and anyone who has been near pigs knows that there feces is some of the most foul smelling in the world (except for maybe my friend Hanz's.)

Want to see some happy pigs? Check out this CSA in New York state.

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