Who's Afraid of Beef? or: Why the recall should be pointless


So my first blog post was about probiotics. Remember them? The friendly bugs?

Well if people ate a more proper diet Including probiotics, this beef recall would be a non-issue. Bacteria like E. Coli exist in the colon naturally. They help digest our food,. In fact, E. Coli is known for its ability to "clean house" in the intestines.

Some people, especially those on a diet called "The Primal Diet" actually make it a point to eat spoiled meat. If your intestinal flora are already in fine shape and diverse, then a little E. Coli will only help, not hurt.

So if you take your probiotics, eat probiotic food like yogurt and sauerkraut, and avoid chlorinated water and preservatives (both of which slaughter your intestinal flora,) you would see why this beef recall is really a joke.

Instead we have people running around with weak, sparse intestinal flora, who aren't eating right. Its no surprise that their bodies can't handle it. Thee is so much 'house cleaning' to do , that the E. Coli overloads their systems and makes them sick.

So if you keep your body in tune, and your intestinal flora healthy and happy, you should be able to enjoy your beef this Memorial Day, no matter how 'contaminated' the beef is.

This same thing goes for salmonella and eggs. Many healthy people have had salmonella living in their gut and never gotten sick, as long as the 'good' bacteria are there to keep it in check, you may have a single case of diarrhea when you first catch. You probably wouldn't even notice it. Many people with healthier intestinal flora don't.

So if you use probiotics regularly and care for your internal bug garden, have a piece of beef and some homemade eggnog for me.

Yeah I know eggnog isn't a memorial day drink. Just go with me on this one.

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