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Every other day of the week is fine...

Anyway, I tried to make yogurt again this weekend. This time I let the milk warm up, added some yogurt to my fermenting pitcher and added the milk in stirring well. I'm afraid the results were even less successful than before. I'm ticked because I bought good organic milk again because I was sure of my success this time.

This time, instead of getting partially fermented yogurt, I got some kind of foul bubbly cheese raft floating on top, it smelled like cheap domestic feta. It was probably safe to eat, but I didn't want to take a chance. It went straight into the dumpster. The raft of cheese fell out and splattered curds like brains dashed against a rock. I want to try making yogurt again, but I just need some help. Anyone have any advice? I could really use some guidance.

Right now I've got some beet kvass fermenting down in the kitchen, hopefully that will turn out ok.

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  1. I use a culture I purchased from Cultures for Health. You don't need to heat the milk. It is really simple and I've been very sucessful. Try that! I think their website is just

  2. Here's a post I did on making yogurt.

    I'm wondering about the milk you're buying. I know many "good" organic milks are both homogenized and ultra pasteurized. (Not so good!) I might check that out. I buy from a local creamery that is non-homogenized, vat pasteurized (they only raise the heat to 145).

    Hope that helps :)

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