What do I do?

My Stepmom bought margarine last night. How do I tell her I refuse to eat anything she cooks with it without hurting her feelings?

One of the perks of staying at home for the summer is that I don't have to cook for myself. Looks like I may have to start again, though.

She got some nasty Bluebonnet brand margarine too. That stuff doesn't even taste a little like butter. I'm thinking of taking a few bucks and buying some real butter and recreating the old experiment where a stick of margarine and a stick of butter are left outside. Supposedly insets and whatnot will eat the butter in a few days, and the margarine will not be touched. I'm sure both will soon melt in this Texas summer heat.

Maybe then she'll understand?

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  1. Tell her about the health risks of trans fats in a way that makes it obvious that you're looking out for both her health and yours.

    Also tell her about coconut oil. :)

  2. Well it turns out its just for her bagels. (YUCK). As far as coconut oil goes, I bought some awhile back and she doesn't use it. I'm pretty sure she's familiar with it since she's from Manila.